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The Dr. Tofaute Concept

A Unique Ergonomic System

The Dr. Tofaute Concept describes a system of ergonomic elements, on the basis of five key aspects. These 5 keys have different main emphasis on the product development process. This unique system enables us to optimize all the ergonomic aspects.

Recommended is to start off with the 360-degree Ergonomic Check-Up. In this phase, the product or the process is analyzed from an ergonomic point of view. In Key 2, the information is evaluated and converted into a specific recommendation for a strategic ergonomic optimization. In the third step new product ideas and creative concepts are designed. To guarantee the proper function of the ergonomic design, it is intensively studied in tested in Key 4. Finally, with the implementation of Step 5, sales and marketing activities will be supported.

With these 5 steps you get the best out of your products. And you can create the potential to secure a lasting, pre-eminent position on the market. We make it easy for you. You can book the complete Dr. Tofaute Concept and with this an all-around package. Or add individual keys to your existing structures. The choice is yours. Count always on our full support.

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Please contact us so we can create your customized package, to fit your needs.


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